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About us - with short history

Ready made clothing industry ''Kula'' was founded in 1960 as a small local factory, with production lines distanced far from each other. In 1972 factory was relocated in the industry zone, outside the town. This was the begining of the new era in KULA's history. Firsts Kula's models were shown to the world in 1973. This year was the begingig of coopaeration with German firm ''F.W. Brinkmann''.

Today Kula is modern and respective company in Eastern Europe with 700 employees and anual production of 300.000 pieces.

The company core competitions are highly equiped production lines with a modern computer assistens for production and cutter and educated and traineed employees who are the key of quality production.

With highly delvoped selling network Kula owns 14 shops in 12 towns in Bosnia: 3 shops in Gradačac, a shop in Sarajevo, Tuzla, Zenica, Bihać, Travnik, Banovići, Brčko, Lukavac, Bugojno, Cazin and Zavidovići.
Kula visits fashion fairs in country and Europe. Kula's models were seen in fashion fairs in Brussel, Leipzig, Dusseldorf and Brno.

At the end of 2007 Kula became GORE-TEX licenced manufacturer and at the beginig of this year Kula was certificed with International Qulity standard ISO 9001:2000
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